Our Fees

  • Valuation and business appraisals are free and without obligation
  • We work on a commission basis with modest upfront costs (our fixed fees are £1,000 on engagement + £2,000 once the sale documentation has been drawn up)
  • Our success fee structure means that we are motivated to maximise value for our clients

At Churchfield we believe that it is essential that our prospective client and ourselves have a clear understanding of the potential value of a business before we are engaged to manage the sales process. Therefore we spend the time to perform a valuation and business appraisal on a ‘free and no obligation’ basis.

At Churchfield we are transparent about our fee structure so that you know exactly what to expect when selling your business.
We work on the understanding that the vast majority of our fees are received in the form of commission only when the transaction completes and our client themselves receives payment for the sale of their business. 

Our success fee is 5% on the first £1m of the value our client receives on completion and 3% on anything over £1m.

We ask for payment of modest upfront fees to ensure that our client is fully committed to the sale process.  After a baseline valuation has been agreed with our client and they decide to proceed with engaging our services then we charge £1,000.  Once we have prepared the sale documentation and are ready to approach the market then we charge a further £2,000.  There are no further upfront fees during the sales process.

Please be assured that if you decide to withdraw your business from sale for any reason then no additional fees will be payable. We would hope that this would not be necessary but in life (and business) sometimes unexpected changes can take place and we believe that our clients should not have unexpected surprises when it comes to our fees.

Many of our clients advise us that they like our fee structure as it ensures we are fully committed to achieving maximum value throughout the entire sale process.

Please note that we are a focused business broker with a personalised service and so our approach is not suited to all types of businesses. Unlike some brokers we do not have hundreds of clients on our books – we do not believe that it is possible to effectively project manage the sale of a business of any value without serious skills, time and effort.

Certain businesses are likely to sell better with a more straightforward advertising approach, so we don’t get involved in these sectors because we think that we will not add much value. The main sectors that we don’t work in include retail/shops, restaurants, pubs, hotels and franchises.

To find out more about our focus click here.

(All fees are quoted excluding VAT, which should be added at the prevailing rate)